The Fun They Had Background

The Fun They Had Background

The Fun They Had is a fictional children's story that first appears in a magazine article in 1951. The story, written by Isaac Asimov for a friend, was not meant to be a success. In fact, Asimov was utterly surprised at the amount of positive reviews that it got, and its traction with the public. The story details two schoolchildren, who live sometime far in the future. They are taught in their home by a robotic teacher, and think back to the time when children were taught in actual brick and mortar schools with real human teachers, and "how much fun they had" in this environment.

Born in 1920, Isaac Asimov was a professor at Boston University. His writing career began early on, and he worked on over five hundred books during his lifetime, mostly in the genre of science fiction. Though most of his works were aimed towards adults, such as the popular Foundation series, The Fun They Had established him as a popular science fiction author for all audiences. The Fun They Had is though to have become so popular because of the irony it presents.

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