The Fair Jilt Characters

The Fair Jilt Character List


The striking main character of the story who exhibits all the qualities of a man with all the grace and beauty of a woman. As the story progresses she falls in and out of love with as easily as she changes her mood in order to fulfill her sexual desire and gain feminine agency in a patriarchal world. She has no issue flaunting sexual prowess to get what she wants like the riches she believes she deserves and the men she wants to claim.


The Friar with whom Miranda falls "in love" with and wants to sexually conquer. Unfortunately for her, the woman who he loved has passed away and he has vowed never to abuse his "virtue" again leaving Miranda in a sticky situation. Ultimately, Miranda tries to seduce him in the confessional where she threatens to accuse him of rape if he doesn't sleep with her. The feminine Henrick agrees pretty quickly but Miranda is ruthless and yells rape anyways. He is eventually tried and it's his word against hers so he is imprisoned under falsehood and Miranda quickly moves on to another lover

Prince Tarquin

Miranda's second love interest after Henrick, who she easily woos and seduces. He too is meek and feminine, unable to stand up to her or meet her eyes as she is the powerful figure and he knows it. Miranda uses him to gain an advantage over her sister and steal her money, but Tarquin is eventually accused of treason as Miranda set him up to kill her sister but he fails so suffers severe injury to his shoulder and flees with Miranda once their plan has failed only to eventually die of medical complications.


Alcidiana is Miranda's sister who inherits half of her fortune so Miranda being who she decides she needs to assassinate her. Miranda tries to poison her but fails so her sister moves out and Miranda subsequently tries to get Tarquin to kill her but he also fails so Alcidiana wins and Miranda is forced to flee the country leaving her sister with all of the money and power.

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