The Disappointment

The Disappointment Glossary

conspire (verb)

Work secretly in tandem with someone else

gilded (adjective)

Covered in a very fine coating of gold

yield (verb)

Willingly give oneself up; surrender

languishment (noun)

The state of being weak and fatigued

strive (verb)

Struggle to accomplish something.

bosom (noun)

Chest; applicable to either women or men

tremble (verb)

Quiver with fear, excitement or anticipation

vigor (noun)

A very robust sort of energetic stamina

vain (adjective)

Hopeless due to lack of success; unproductive

modesty (noun)

A demonstration of shyness or restraint

distill (verb)

The process of purification; straining impurities

balmy (adjective)

A pleasant and mild sort of warmness

dispense (verb)

Distribute, hand out, or bestow something on others

ravish (verb)

Carry off by force;

Fill (someone) with profound emotions

swain (noun)

A young man courting or wooing a lover; a shepherd or country youth

insensible (adjective)

Slack, deflated, useless and unresponsive

debauched (adjective)

Wickedly depraved; immoral and decadent

nimbly (adverb)

Done with great skill or agility, especially physical motions

wanton (adjective)

Characterized by excessive lack of restraint or care

ruffled (adjective)

Messy or disheveled

retire (verb)

Stop (antiquated)

hapless (adjective)

Unfortunate, ill-starred

transport (verb)

Carry someone away with an excess of emotion

assay (verb)

Attempt, try

amorous (adjective)

Related to sexual desire; lustful, erotic, passionate

timorous (adjective)

Shy, fearful, faint-hearted

trill (noun)

A wavering or warbling sound, as of birds, music, or water

condole (verb)

Express sympathy for; grieve with

impotence (noun)

Inability to take effective action, weakness; inability to get an erection