The Crossover Summary

The Crossover Summary

In the story, there are two twin boys Josh and Jordan Bell, who are the sons of a once big-time basketball player, Chuck “The Man” Bell. These twelve-year-old boys experience normal lives of middle school boys, day in and day out. They experience relationships, basketball, and family time dealing with strife and difficult situations in life. The biggest contribution and meaning behind the book is a set of rules pertaining to both basketball and life that are read periodically throughout the book.

Early in the book Josh becomes jealous of his brother because of a relationship Jordan develops with a girl. Suddenly, his closest friend begins to spend most of his time with someone else and it turns his world upside down. In the midst of normal sibling rivalry, the boys also begin to deal with their father’s mysterious health problem which only complicates matters worse. Jordan develops a relationship with a new girl at school. Her name is Alexis and Josh refers to her as Miss Sweet Tea. Suddenly, they become infatuated with each other and focus all of their attention on each other. After a bone-headed jealous move from Josh, Jordan finds himself at the center of the attention on the team. Although Josh is the better basketball player, he lets his emotions drive his actions, leading to a mistake that benches him. In the end, the brothers work through their difficulties and learn the importance of family.

This book is centered around the focus of the importance of working hard, doing the right thing, and valuing one's family. Through the words of their father and experiences they endure, the Bell twins learn and mature in many ways by the end of the novel.

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