The Crossover Irony

The Crossover Irony

The Irony of Josh's Anger

Josh loves basketball and competition so much that he becomes jealous when his brother starts slacking off to date Alexis. He wants to get a girlfriend too, but he's dedicating nearly all of his time to the sport. When he punches Jordan, Josh is suspended from the team. He ends up losing the one thing he loves most becuase he tried to hold onto it so hard as to attempt to control his brother's actions.

The Irony of Josh's Haircut

Josh allows Jordan to cut one of his dreadlocks when he loses a bet to his brother. Their distinctive haircuts (or lack of hair) are the only distinguishable feature between the two of them. When Jordan cuts too much, he makes Josh need to cut all of his hair off. Now they look identical again. Josh is essentially selling himself to his brother for the sake of competition. He's lost his identity a little bit.

The Irony of Chuck's Parenting

Chuck wants Josh to regain his confidence, so he helps him get back in shape to prepare for the championship game after his suspencion. This is the highlight for Josh because all he really wants is to make his dad proud. Unfortunately Chuck has a heart attack during the practice. It's as if the universe is preventing him from helping his son in order to make Josh responsible for his own success. That's the only true way for Josh to build confidence, being responsible for himself.

The Irony of Alexis

Jordan initially likes Alexis because she also plays basketball. Both brothers love the sport immensely. Josh becomes jealous of Jordan, however, because he thinks he's losing his commitment to the game because of this girl. Actually, Jordan and Alexis spend their time together practicing. They're honing each other's skills.

The Irony of Jordan Visiting the Hospital

When Crystal receives word that Chuck has had a second heart attack, she tells the boys the same thing their father intially did. They should play the game because its important. She recognizes that they'll need the outlet if Chuck's health fails. The first time both boys listen, but the second time Jordan changes his mind. He is just like his dad in the sense that he places family first, so in that way he both defies and honors his father.

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