The Cricket in Times Square

The Cricket in Times Square Irony

Crickets Bring Good Luck (Situational Irony)

Sayings that date back to ancient times state that crickets bring good luck, and Mario and Sai Fong both echo this belief. This is certainly true for the Bellinis, since the concerts Chester performs bring them customers that revitalize their business. However, it is ironic that even though Chester brings the Bellinis good luck, his concerts actually bring himself bad luck, since they cost him his happiness.

Tucker and Harry (Situational Irony)

Tucker and Harry's close friendship is obviously ironic, since conventional wisdom dictates that cats and mice are sworn enemies. At first, Chester is afraid of Harry, because back home in Connecticut cats and mice are enemies. In New York City, though, things are different, and cats and mice have moved beyond this petty hatred of each other. It is just another element of this book that proves everything is not always what it seems.