The Cricket in Times Square

The Cricket in Times Square Character List


A small black cricket from Connecticut who gets stuck on a train and finds himself in New York City. Chester is very brave and adapts quickly to his new life in the big city, even though he is far outside his comfort zone. He is also an extremely talented musician, able to chirp songs of his own composition as well as imitate songs he hears on the radio.


A young boy living in New York who works at his parents' newsstand. Mario is kind and compassionate, and cares deeply for Chester Cricket after finding him lost in the subway station. Mario is the one human with whom Chester develops a special connection.


A mouse living in the Times Square subway station who has a habit of hoarding all sorts of things he finds on the street, including money and food. He is the first to warmly welcome Chester to New York, and acts as a helpful guide and dedicated friend through the ups and downs of Chester's summer spent in the city.


Tucker's best friend, a cat who lives in the subway station as well. Harry's quieter, calmer nature balances out Tucker, and the two are both very good friends to Chester while he is in New York.


Mario's mother, who loves her family but is extremely skeptical of the idea of keeping a cricket. She wants the best for her husband and son, and encourages them to make smart decisions when it comes to the family business.


Mario's father, who is stern at times but is generally more willing than Mama to let Mario do the things he wants to do, like keep a cricket. He approaches the idea of having a cricket in the newsstand with an open mind, and is always rational, never flying off the handle as Mama sometimes does.

Sai Fong

A kind Chinese man who runs a shop in Chinatown and sells Mario a cricket cage. Sai Fong is enchanted by Chester and tells Mario all kinds of stories about how special crickets are. He is a good friend to both Mario and Chester.

Mr. Smedley

One of the Bellinis' best customers, a music teacher who repeatedly comes to the newsstand to buy magazines and papers. He is one of the first people to recognize Chester's extreme musical talent.


The conductor of one of the trains that stops frequently at the Times Square station, and is a good friend to the Bellinis. He keeps an eye out for them and gives them business whenever he can.


The man who works at the lunch counter in the subway station. He is kind and friendly to both Mario and Chester, and offers to give Mario some water for Chester to drink whenever he needs it.

The Old Chinese Man

Sai Fong's friend, who kind to both Mario and Chester, and comes to all of Chester's concerts.