The Children's Book Characters

The Children's Book Character List

Tom Wellwood

The son of Olive Wellwood. He becomes friends with Julian Cain, whom he meets in the South Kensington Museum.

Julian Cain

The son of Major Prosper Cain. He takes Tom Wellwood on a tour in the musuem and tells him about the third boy, whom he keeps watching everyday beside the Gloucester Candlestick, an ancient and unique artifact in the musuem.

Olive Wellwood

The mother of Tom. She is an author of many fairy tales in the story itself and in reality. In the story, she uses historical events, statues, and artifacts to create fairytales. She asks for a meeting with Major Prosper Cain because she had a project for a tale that would turn on an ancient treasure with magical properties.

Major Prosper Cain

The father of Julian. He is the Special Keeper of Precious Metals. Prosper, along with his son, lives in South Kensington Museum. His wife, an italian, died in Florence with her daughter when a deadly disease spread in the country.

Phillip Warren

Phillip is the third boy who Julian had been dubious about. Tom and Julian find him in the underground basement storeroom and workroom. He told them that he lived here because that was safer than living in the streets. They also discovered that Phillip was drawing the Gloucester Candlestick, that is why he was always beside it. He told them also that he has many other works that he keeps in the basement.

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