The Children's Book Background

The Children's Book Background

The Children's Book was written by A. S. Byatt, an award-winning author who has accrued international fame for her novels and short stories. This historical fiction novel was originally published during 2009 and was later published during 2010 by Vintage. It details the joys and hardships of a Victorian family during the World War I years.

The Washington Post said this novel is "bristling with life and invention....A seductive work by an extraordinarily gifted writer." Salon said "this is a classic Byatt fusion of fact and uncannily luscious imagery, mixed in the ideal proportions...." Byatt did disappoint some Goodreads reviewers with the perceived quality of historical references made and prolonged duration of certain events played out in the plot.

Byatt has earned or was nominated for several awards thanks to this novel, including a 2009 Man Booker Prize nomination and the 2009 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction.

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