The Book of Saladin


The Book of Saladin is an historical novel by Pakistani born British writer Tariq Ali, first published in 1998. The second in Ali’s Islam Quintet, this purports to be the memoir of Saladin, or Salah al-Din and his taking of Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187.[1]


Written as part memoir by Saladin and part biography by Jewish scribe Ibn Yakub, who is given permission to interview the great man’s wife and close associates, this is the story of Salah al-Din, a Kurdish warrior who became the hero of the Muslim world due to his heroics against the Crusaders and was made Sultan of Egypt and Syria as a reward. Parallels are drawn between the Egypt and Syria of the middle ages and the Middle East arena of the present day, with all of the disagreements and strife so familiar today.[2]

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