The Book of Saladin Background

The Book of Saladin Background

The Book of Saladin is a fictional memoir written by Tariq Ali, which was first published during 1998. It was later published again during 1999 by Verso. This book tells the story of Jerusalem's Kurdish freedom fighter named Saladin, which is dictated to a Jewish scribe known as Ibn Yakub. Ibn is given permission to document the sacred events of Saladin, such as becoming Sultan of Egypt and Syria. Specifically, Saladin works to defeat medieval Crusaders with help from Jewish and Christian allies.

Some online reviews deem this memoir as rich and brilliantly crafted, while other online reviews deem it as perverted and shallow. Ali was born during 1943 and has a British-Pakistani ethnic background. Besides working as a novelist, he has worked as a historian, political campaigner, commentator, and filmmaker.

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