The Book of Disquiet Background

The Book of Disquiet Background

Fernando Pessoa is the author of The Book of Disquiet, which was first published during 1913 and was later published during 2002 by Penguins Classics. This literary treasure stems from a neglected trunk filled with incomplete and unpublished writings, all belonging to Pessoa. This trunk was discovered after he died in 1935.

Its essence consists of short, philosophical paragraphs regarding the autobiography of Bernardo Soares. Bernardo was one of Pessoa's alternative selves, and he explores this personality through the combination of an intimate diary, prose poetry, and a descriptive narrative. His alternative selves are a creative trademark, and each comprise of a discrete biography, set of principles, and life pursuits.

Thanks to how detailed and down-to-earth Pessoa's writing is in this book, it's considered one of the best works of the twentieth century. Pessoa has written under other names, such as Alberto Caeiro and Ricardo Reis.

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