The Blood of Flowers Background

The Blood of Flowers Background

It took Anita Amirrezvani five years to complete the first draft of her debut novel The Blood of Flowers. To capture the essence of the world, she traveled twice to Isfahan, the city where the story takes place. She spent countless hours researching her subject as well, stating she had read many books on Iranian history and literature. Four more years of rewriting later, her novel was ready and she published it in 2007 with Little, Brown & Co. It has been translated since then to more than 22 languages.

The Blood of Flowers documents the everyday lives of Iranians during the 17th century. Amirrezvani introduces a total change of scenery as she transports the readers to the city of Isfahan. A city that hides behind its undeniable beauty, its fair share of misery and some cruel twists of fate.

The novel follows a young orphan girl who leaves her village after her father’s death for the fabulous city of Isfahan, only to discover the ugly underlying truth: 17th century Iran has no mercy for the underprivileged. Through the harsh experiences of a brave heroine, Amirrezvani invites the readers to dive into the world of seven oriental tales from her native country, delivering a truly poignant story of courage and injustice.

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