The BFG Irony

Not All Giants Eat Humans

When Sophie first meets the BFG, she is afraid that "he'll have me for breakfast" (19). This statement becomes highly ironic and funny when the reader learns later on that the BFG is the Big Friendly Giant and the only giant who doesn't eat "human beans" (25-26, 30).

Patriotism Above All

Still scared of the BFG, Sophie suddenly becomes patriotic when she questions the giants' favoritism of the Turks over the English as a meal. She asks, "What's wrong with the English?" She is angry about her people and country being undervalued even as she faces possible imminent death. This situation is ironic due to its juxtaposition of stubborn pride and looming death.


The BFG is very proud not to have stolen tastier vegetables from humans, which is ironic since he stole Sophie from her bed (54).

The BFG as the Runt

It is also ironic that the BFG, despite being very tall, is considered the runt of the giants, since he is by far the smallest of them. He is a tiny giant (36).