The BFG Imagery

First Glimpse of a Giant

"There at the window, with the curtains pushed aside, was the enormous long pale wrinkly face of the Giant Person, staring in. The flashing black eyes were fixed on Sophie's bed." (16)

Through the use of adjectives and description, the narrator gives the reader a first glimpse at what the BFG looks like. The description is interesting, ominous, and terrifying, like the eyes mentioned.

The BFG Runs with Sophie to His Home

"Out of the village he ran, and soon they were racing across the moonlit fields. The hedges dividing the fields were no problem to the Giant. He simply strode over them. A wide river appeared in his path. He crossed it in one flying stride." (19)

This shows the majesty of the giant and his absolute speed. It brings the giant into focus as a being that is not human, but also amazing in his power.

Sophie's First View of Giant Country

"soon he was galloping over a desolate wasteland that was not quite of this earth. The ground was flat and pale yellow. Great lumps of blue rock were scattered around, and dead trees stood everywhere like skeletons. The moon had long since disappeared and now the dawn was breaking." (21-22)

This description allows the reader to imagine exactly where the giants and Sophie are for the next several chapters. It grounds and centers the reader in a brand new country and universe, one where giants exist and live happily in a barren land.

The Rest of the Giants are Spotted

"The sun was up now and shining fiery-hot over the great yellow wasteland with its blue rocks and dead trees." (33)

Again, this depicts perfectly what the setting will be for the next several chapters. It also helps explain how the giants came to be what they are. An inhospitable landscape breeds inhospitable and cruel creatures who live off it; they must claw and connive in order to survive.