The Beginning of Everything Characters

The Beginning of Everything Character List

Ezra Faulkner

He’s the protagonist of the novel, an intelligent, witty person whose life is turned around after a fatal car crash leave his knee injured. He goes from being a popular all-star tennis player to an outcast who is unsure of his identity without his former title and friends. He is friendly and quickly befriends another group of individuals. He gradually comes to accept his fall from grace and cares less about what others think. He redefines himself and overcomes his tragedy. He is sharp and smart, quick to become a gifted debater. Through the course of the story he becomes more strong minded and independent.

Cassidy Thrope

Cassidy Thorpe is the new girl at Ezra’s school – a beautiful, smart, seemingly carefree individual who intrigues Ezra. She is unlike other girls at his school, she has traveled the world, is incredibly intelligent and does not seem to care what others think. She does as she pleases and lives life on her own terms. She is an old friend of Toby’s and is also newly integrated into Toby’s group around the same time as Ezra. She is witty, well read, strong willed and a legendary student debater. As the story progresses, we learn that Cassidy is not as carefree as the front she puts up, and that she is struggling with sadness and loneliness after a family tragedy.

Toby Elliot

Toby was Ezra’s childhood friend, who became an outcast after a horrific incident at his middle school birthday party. While Ezra grew popular, he became a skilled debater and traveled with a very different crowd. After Ezra’s fall from grace, he is quick to rekindle their friendship and integrates Ezra into his group of friends. He is loyal, friendly, and provides constant support to Ezra through his struggle, even though Ezra had abandoned him when they had been younger. Toby is honest and intelligent.

Luke Sheppard

Luke is a friend of Toby’s and member of the debate club along with the rest of their group. He is confident and likes to be in control. He is initially unaccepting of Ezra, who hailed from the popular group he disliked. He is harsh, blunt and can come off as aloof. Per his friends, the only thing he is truly afraid of is losing power – which explains another reason why he was hostile towards Ezra, he felt threatened.

Phoebe Chang

Phoebe is a friend of Ezra’s from his new group. She is dating Luke Sheppard and is constantly over powered by him. She gets along well with everyone and hides her insecurities about losing her loved ones from everyone.

Charlotte Hyde

She was Ezra’s ex-girlfriend. She had been unfaithful then, and they had broken up right before his accident. She is described as as someone who was beautiful and aware of their beauty. She is a spoiled, narcissistic and selfish person who accepts others to comply with her wishes and does not handle not getting her way well. She is unkind and cruel to those she does not approve of.

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