The Beginning of Everything Background

The Beginning of Everything Background

The Beginning of Everything was written by Robyn Schneider and was published during 2013. This fictional novel tells the story of Ezra Faulkner, a star athlete turned social reject. Ezra learns how one unfortunate moment can flip one's life upside down, shattering the hopes and dreams that saturated one's heart for so long. Yet he also learns that such a moment can open the door to new, refreshing opportunities of personal growth.

Ezra's wake-up call happened one night when a reckless driver injured him, damaging his knee. As a result, he became incapable of continuing his athletic career and had an undesirable shift in his social circle. From then on, he gains a new path of passions and friendships, yet still finds himself questioning what more tragedy may bring.

Some online reviews of this novel describe it as fluffy and over-hyped, while others describe it as relatable and witty. Besides writing, Schneider also acts and has an online personality. She graduated from Columbia University, where she studied creative writing.

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