The Attack Background

The Attack Background

The Attack is a novel that explores the prospects yet the usual occurrence of the suicide bomber that we see frequently in nowadays's headlines. Its protagonist is Dr. Amin Jaafari, a man of Arab outset who is an incorporated Israeli citizen and offering services as a surgeon in a Tel Aviv hospital. The novel opens up with the presumption of a suicidal bombard that had endangered many lives, and Jaafari recounts the hours in the infirmary and operating room leading to the attack but this time, the attack has caused casualty with his wife, Sihem.

The novel breaks through as Jaafari attempts and startles to be on the same wavelength as his wife's intentions as it is disclosed to him that she is the forefront defendant. Sihem does not fit the profile of a ritualized suicide bomber which bemuses Jaafari more as he attempts to come to terms with his unusual realism; his life that once served as an example of Arab-Israeli unification descends into a panic-struck search for truth and closure.

The Attack was initially written in French; it was interpreted into English by John Cullen. Yasmina Khadra also happens to be the pen name of the true author Mohammed Moulessehoul, a former officer of the Algerian army. As a soldier who survived the Algerian civil war of the 1990s, Moulessehoul's writing is greatly and understandably influenced by the ministerial disputes of the Arab world. His prior novel The Swallows of Kabul was shortlisted for the IMPAC award for its depiction of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Attack dives into a profound exploration that often is overlooked by the media and public. The novel seeks to understand the motives of the suicide bombers, the individuals and societies that now produce them, and the cultural, political, and religious forces that motivate these individuals. It is an exploration of the issues that have created such a divide between the Middle East and the Western world, and of the consequences of the social and political issues that plague the region. Moulessehoul's writing can convey the story in a way that allows the reader to understand the complexity of the events and the emotions of the characters.

The Attack is not only an exploration of the motivations behind suicide bombers and the Middle East but also an exploration of the effects of such actions on both the individual and society. The novel examines the questions of how an individual can take such drastic action, and how such an act can have far-reaching consequences on both the individual and the society. The novel also examines the consequences of war, and how it can have long-term effects on individuals and societies.

The Attack is an important novel that examines the complexities of terrorism, war, and the Middle East. It is an exploration of the effects of such events on individuals and societies, and of the motivations that drive individuals to commit such acts. The novel is an important exploration of the Middle East and its consequences, and its themes of terrorism, war, and the individual's role in society make it an important read for any reader.

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