The African Queen Imagery

The African Queen Imagery


In the opening shot Huston takes the camera through the jungle until we reach the village in Africa. The imagery of traveling through the jungle tells us as the audience that we are being taken away to a foreign place we do not know. It is a set up for where we are going to be throughout the journey.

Burned to the Ground

After the village is burned to the ground by the soldiers we see Samuel shot between charred posts and trees as if he is one of them. The imagery suits Samuel's state, as we come to find out that he is not himself in mind and doesn't know where he is. He has been burned down just like the village.


Huston shoots Samuel being placed into bed by his sister through a veil over his bed meant to keep bugs out. The veil doubles as a symbol to show us that Samuel is not himself; rather, he is merely a veiled version of the man he used to be. He has lost his mind and the imagery helps to subtly show this.

Into the River

Rose joins Charlie on his boat for the first time and Huston shows them in a medium shot heading out. He then disolves the shot into one of the river. The transition tells us that this is where they are now. The journey has shifted within them as he and Rose go from land to river.

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