The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Black clothes (Symbol)

The author always uses the description of clothes in these stories. And he considers that the color of clothes can show the psychological state of the character. For example, people who come to Sherlock Holmes for help are dressed “in black frock-coat with silk, black waistcoat”. And it means that they are in mourning for somebody. The black dresses and suits are symbols of the death and the deep sorrow.

Sherlock’s violin (Symbol)

The one musical instrument is recollected in the stories. It is a violin. Sherlock Holmes is able to use the violin very well. It always helps him to relax after the hard day and intricate detective mysteries. He can think over during the play and tidy thoughts up. His violin is a symbol of expressing the mood and emotions. It plays a major role in Sherlock’s life.

Talent, cleverness and justice (Motif)

Holmes is a sensible person and at the same time he is very talented. The author describes his magnificent intellect and tries to emphasize his brains in different ways. The most stunned thing is that Holmes always can guess about his clients by their appearance. He investigates crimes with a wet finger. It comes naturally to him. The second distinguishing feature of Sherlock is justice. He always tries to solve problems without the police and decides the fate of the wrongdoer himself.

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