The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Imagery

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Imagery

221 B Baker Street

Everybody knows the address of the most famous detective - Sherlock Holmes. He lives in the house together with the Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson in London. He receives his guests in the living-room. Watson describes it in this way: “Our lodgings in Baker Street is buried among Sherlock’s old books and alternating from week to week between cocaine and ambition, the drowsiness of the drug, and the fierce energy of his own keen nature”. Sherlock often uses his home as the office and the laboratory.

Developed London

In the story about Sherlock Holmes the author describes London as a powerful city with the advanced economics and the huge colonial empire. It can be proved with the successful businessman Mr. John Turner, who helps to develop the British economics. “The largest landed proprietor in that part is a Mr. John Turner, who made his money in Australia, returned some years ago to the old country and held many farms.” Also many new jewels appear in London such as the Blue Carbuncle. Sherlock says that “it’s more than a precious stone. It is the precious stone.”

Suspicious whistle

This image is from the “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”. When Helen’s sister is dead, she decides to resort to Sherlock. She starts to describe the strange sound in their house: “As I opened my door I seemed to hear a low whistle, such as my sister described, and a few moments later a clanging sound, as if a mass of metal had fallen. As I ran down the passage, my sister’s door was unlocked and revolved slowly upon its hinges”. It turns out that it was a bell which had been used to call the snake. And this snake killed Helen’s sister.

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