College Physics (7th Edition)

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 0-32160-183-1
ISBN 13: 978-0-32160-183-4

Chapter 15 - Electric Charge, Forces, and Fields - Learning Path Questions and Exercises - Exercises - Page 557: 25


$distance =1.2\times10^{-7}m$

Work Step by Step

Charge on the proton $q=+e=1.6\times10^{-19}C$ given magnitude of electric field $E=1.0\times10^{5}N/C$ suppose above electric field is at a distance $r$ magnitude of the electric field due to a point charge is $E= \frac{kq}{r^2}$ so $r=\sqrt \frac{kq}{E}$ putting $q=+e=1.6\times10^{-19}C$, $E=1.0\times10^{5}N/C$, $k=9.0\times10^{9}N.m^2/C^2$ $r=\sqrt \frac{9.0\times10^{9}N.m^2/C^2\times 1.6\times10^{-19}C}{1.0\times10^{5}N/C}$ $r=\sqrt (1.44\times10^{-14}m^2)=1.2\times10^{-7}m$
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