Understanding Nutrition 14th Edition

Published by Wadsworth Publishing
ISBN 10: 1-28587-434-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-28587-434-0

Chapter 1 - An Overview of Nutrition - Critical Thinking Questions: B


In order to identify if a forwarded email sent to you is a legitimate warning or a hoax you should try to find the author, if the phrase "this is not a hoax" appears and you've never heard of the source, or it is sensational or emphatic and contains irregular capitalized letters, if it has questionable references or it has been debunked on reputable sites.

Work Step by Step

The steps for determining if a forwarded email contains a hoax or a legitimate warning then you should try to find the author, see if it contains emphatic or sensation language or warnings about it not being a hoax or that everyone should beware, if you can't recognize the sources, if it has incorrect grammar, or questionable sources then the email is a hoax.
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