Introductory Chemistry (5th Edition)

Published by Pearson
ISBN 10: 032191029X
ISBN 13: 978-0-32191-029-5

Chapter 2 - Measurement and Problem Solving - Exercises - Problems - Page 51: 76


a) $100 inches$ b) $3.50394 in$ c) $7.92516 quarts$ d) $268.964 lb$

Work Step by Step

a) To convert cm to in, divide by 2.54 because 1 in= 2.54 cm. $254 cm×\frac{1 in}{2.54 cm}=100 in$ b) To convert from mm to in, divide by 25.4 because 1 in= 25.4 mm . $89 mm×\frac{1 in}{25.4 mm}=3.50394 in$ c) To convert from L to quarts, multiply by 1.057 because 1 L= 1.057 quarts. $7.5 L×\frac{1.057 quarts}{1 L}= 7.92516 quarts$ d) To convert kg to lb, multiply by 2.205 because 1 kg= 2.205 lb. $122 kg×\frac{2.205 lb}{1 kg}=268.964 lb$
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