Chemistry: An Atoms-Focused Approach

Published by W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN 10: 0393912345
ISBN 13: 978-0-39391-234-0

Chapter 2 - Atoms, Ions, and Molecules - Visual Problems - Page 70: 5


(a) the yellow and red boxes (b) the red box (c) the blue, green, and orange boxes

Work Step by Step

(a) The elements corresponding to the yellow and red boxes are chlorine and neon, respectively. Elements in group 17 are the halogens, which are nonmetals, usually gases as room temperature. Elements in group 18 are the noble gases, which are also nonmetals. (b) The element corresponding to the red box is neon, which is a chemically inert gas called a noble gas. Elements in group 18 are called the noble gases because of their relatively nonreactive natures. (c) The blue box corresponds to sodium, the green box to gold, and the orange box to lawrencium. These elements are all metals. Sodium belongs to group 1, the alkali metals. Gold and lawrencium are both transition metals.
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