Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 6th Edition

Published by W.H. Freeman
ISBN 10: 1-42923-414-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-42923-414-6

Chapter 2 - Water - Problems: 9


a) Strong acids have greater tendency to lose its protons than weak acids. b) Strong acids have higher $K_{a}$ than weak acids. c) Strong acids have lower $pK_{a}$ than weak acids.

Work Step by Step

a) Strong acids dissociates completely but weak acid don't. b) $K_{a}$ is the equilibrium constant of the dissociation of the acids which is a ratio of product of concentration of dissociated ions to the acid. As dissociation increases the concentration of ions, stronger acids have higher $K_{a}$. c) $pK_{a}$ is the negative log of $K_{a}$ , so when $K_{a}$ increases, $pK_{a}$ decreases-- as in case of strong acid.
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