Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 6th Edition

Published by W.H. Freeman
ISBN 10: 1-42923-414-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-42923-414-6

Chapter 2 - Water - Problems: 5


a) HCL, $H^{+}$ + $Cl^-$ b) 3.3 c) NaOH, $Na^+$ + $OH^-$ d) 9.8

Work Step by Step

a) Hydrochloric acid dissociates into hydrogen and chloride ions. b) HCl is a strong acid and the dissociation is complete which means [HCl] = [H] =[Cl] [HCL]=5.0$\times10^{-4}$ = [H] pH= -log[H] =-log[5.0$\times10^{-4}$] = 3.3 c) Sodium hydroxide disassociates into sodium and hydroxide ions. d) NaOH dissociates completely [NaOH] = [Na] = [OH] =$7\times10^{-5}$ pH + pOH =14 pOH =14-pH -log[OH] = 14-pH pH = 14 + log[OH] =14 + log[$7\times10^{-5}$] = 9.8
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