Animal Diversity 7th Edition

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Chapter 1 - Review Questions - For Further Thought - Page 39: 1


The comparative theories that explain the start of life and diversity are sometimes contradictory. However, to understand them better, you need to start by looking at available evidence.

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Step 1of 2 There exist many theories and ideas in regards to the start of life. However, scientifically the problem is not yet worked out due to the availability of few observable facts. There are some generally agreed upon theories, but there are also controversies such as the arrival of metabolism or development of cells. There are difficulties of deducing the actual conditions that lead to the start of life on earth. For this reason, there is minimal progress in addressing the question, despite it being an important topic. Also, it 's hard to recreate early earth's biogenetic conditions so as to carry out the experiments. In answering this question, therefore, it requires the help of Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Geology. Step 2 of 2 On the other hand, there exists a variety of information in regards to the evolution of the diversity of life. For example, by the use of evidence from genetic information and fossils, it has been easy to construct the phylogenetic tree that shows evolutionary relationships of various species. Also, improved techniques have aided research in this field over time.
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