Tender is the Night

Tender is the Night Character List

Dick Diver

A promising psychologist from Buffalo who attends Yale, Oxford (as a Rhodes Scholar), and Johns Hopkins. He falls in love with Nicole Warren, a mental patient, and becomes her husband and psychiatrist. He is extremely charismatic and magnetic at the beginning of the novel, but he and his life slowly unravel as he loses ambition and becomes an alcoholic.

Nicole Diver

The daugher of the wealthy Devereux Warren, Nicole is a beautiful but somewhat guarded woman who, as a child, was molested by her father. She falls in love with Dick Diver at a mental clinic (where she is diagnosed with schizophrenia) and becomes increasingly strong and independent over the course of their marriage.

Rosemary Hoyt

A beautiful, young American movie star. She studied acting in Paris and stars in Daddy's Girl, which is her big break. She travels with her mother, who is both her best friend and her business manager. She falls in love with Dick Diver at first sight on a beach on the French Riviera and seduces him into an affair that contributes to destroying his marriage.

Tommy Barban

Somewhat of a barbaric anarchist, Tommy is a mercenary soldier, willing to fight in any war for any cause. He spends five years in love with Nicole before she finally gives in and they marry.

Abe North

A close friend of Dick's and an alcoholic American musician who surrenders his career to his addiction. He is involved with the murder of a black man in Paris and, eventually, is beaten to death in a speakeasy in New York.

Mary North/Countess di Minghetti

Abe's subservient and accommodating wife who, after Abe's death, remarries to the Conte di Minghetti. She is imprisoned (and may be romantically involved) with Lady Caroline Sibley-Biers, but she is saved by Dick Diver.

Baby Warren

Nicole's older sister. She is entirely poisoned by her great wealth, and she only associates with people whom she can use for her convenience. She dates many men, expressing a partiality for the British, but she never marries. She tries to oversee and dictate Nicole's life.

Devereux Warren

The father of Baby and Nicole. A Chicago native, he is both father and mother to Nicole after his wife dies. Mr. Warren molests Nicole when she is about 15 and obeys orders not to see her again. He suffers from alcohol-related liver failure, and he flees from Lausanne before his death.

Albert McKisco

A lauded American writer who, following a duel with Tommy Barban, has the confidence to launch a real career.

Violet McKisco

Albert McKisco's wife.

Mrs. Speers

Rosemary Hoyt's twice-widowed mother, best friend, and business manager. She is patient and wise, and she encourages Rosemary to pursue Dick Diver.

Collis Clay

A student from Yale and a friend of Rosemary's who ends up studying architecture in Florence. He is in love with Rosemary and seems to follow her around Europe. He helps Baby Warren get Dick Diver out of a jail in Rome.

Lady Caroline Sibley-Biers

A British woman and possibly the Countess di Minghetti's lover. Dick insults her at a boat party but helps to rescue her and the Countess from prison.

Conte di Minghetti

Hosain di Minghetti is Mary North's second husband.

Luis Campion

A homosexual friend of Albert McKisco who is somehow heartbroken by Royal Dumphry. He takes Rosemary to see the duel between McKisco and Tommy Barban.

Earl Brady

An American filmmaker working in France at the time of Rosemary's vacation. He is attracted to Rosemary and wants to work with her. He is also a friend of the Divers.

Jules Peterson

An African-American man who, because of his attempt to help Abe North convict the man who stole his money, is murdered on Rosemary's hotel bed.

Lanier Diver

Dick's son and eldest child. He is bright, inquisitive, and wants to be like his father.

Topsy Diver

Dick's beautiful young daughter, who resembles Nicole.

Dr. Dohmler

The head psychologist at the clinic in Zurich. He initially handles Nicole Warren's case and urges Dick not to become involved with her.

Franz Gregorovius

A resident pathologist at Dohmler's clinic on the Zurichsee. He is a few years older than Dick, is proud and fiery, and has "holy eyes." He becomes deeply involved in Nicole's case and, subsequently, in her relationship with Dick. He and Dick become business partners and open their own clinic, but he nudges Dick out when Dick becomes an alcoholic.

Maria Wallis

An American acquaintance of the Divers who kills an Englishman at a train station.

Prince Chillicheff

A Russian Prince whom Tommy Barban rescues from several years of hiding in Russia.

Royal Dumphry

A homosexual friend of the McKiscos who is involved with Luis Campion and, later, with a young man whom Dick Diver visits in order to cure his homosexuality.

Dr. Ladislau

A psychologist at Dick's and Franz's clinic. Dick does not like him.

Kaethe Gregorovius

Franz's beloved wife. She and Nicole do not get along because Nicole does not like the way that she smells. She mistakenly tells Nicole that Devereux Warren is dying.

Senor Pardo y Cuidad Real

Chilean father of Francisco, a young homosexual man. He is desperate to have his son "cured" of his alcoholism and homosexuality. He speaks with Franz Gregorovius, who sends Dick to handle the case.


A young homosexual and alcoholic (possibly involved with Royal Dumphry) whom Dick Diver is sent to cure.

Patrick Von Cohn Morris

A young alcoholic and kleptomaniac who is removed from Dick and Franz's clinic by his parents after he discovers liquor on Dick's breath.

Mr. and Mrs. Morris

Patrick's parents, who angrily remove him from the clinic because of their son's report that Dick is an alcoholic.

Casasus, Perrin, and Muchhause

Bankers in Paris with whom Dick is familiar.

Mrs. Abrams

A friend of the McKiscos.

Conte de Marmora

Nicole's date on the funicular.

Ed Elkins

Dick's roommate at Yale.

Mr. McKibben

A friend of Tommy Barban.


An actor in Rome who is in love with Rosemary.

Dr. Dangeu

The doctor who takes care of Devereux Warren.