Super Sad True Love Story Themes

Super Sad True Love Story Themes

Believe in yourself

When Lenny sets his mind on becoming a successful person, even he doesn’t believe in himself. The main reason of it is that the man doesn’t understand the world he lives in. He tries really hard and even pours his heart out while his friend films and streams it. However, he does it so awkwardly that it is painful to watch. The question whether there is there any need to violate one’s nature for that illusion of success. As soon as Lenny understands that the new American dream doesn’t suit him, he finds the way to live a life he wanted.


What would one do if he or she was immortal? People often complain how they are afraid of death, how frightful even a thought about it is, but they can rarely voice any idea what would they do if they were immortal. The problem is that to live forever doesn’t mean eternity of fun and happiness. That is probably a reason why Lenny’s firm fails to find any client in Europe. To dream about immortality is just a certain kind of entertainment, it is just a harmless fantasy, but to be immortal is a completely different story. It might be that it is too much for a person.

Need for love

It is rather easy to condemn Eunice, for it is true that she uses Lenny for her own needs. It is definitely a cruel and not right thing to do. But let’s not forget how twisted her ideas of love and a family are. She has witnessed tyranny of her father, who does behave like a reasonable and respected member of the society in public, but turns into a monster at home. She has to deal with her mother’s unrealistic expectations, for the woman can’t or doesn’t want to understand that Eunice is not obliged to follow her parents’ example. Not to mention that the woman doesn’t want to sadden her younger sister. That mix of guilt, responsibilities and insecurity prevents her from understanding that they both, Lenny and her, are worth of love.

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