Super Sad True Love Story Characters

Super Sad True Love Story Character List

Lenny Abramov

Lenny Abramov is the protagonist of the story. He is 39 years old and works for Post-Human Services, a division of Staatling-Wapachung Corporation. His parents are Soviet Jews who moved to the USA to give their son a better life. Lenny can’t adjust to the new lifestyle of the New World, not to mention that he has a lot of problems at work. To make the situation even worse, Lenny falls in love with a young woman, who doesn’t seem to reciprocate his feelings.

Eunice Park

Eunice Park is one of the main characters of the novel. She is 24 years old woman of Korean descent. Although Eunice seems to be quite popular, she fails to build healthy and happy relationships with men. On the one hand, she is angry with her father for mistreating her mother and unbearable strictness. On the other hand, Eunice believes that he is the only one man for her, that she has to find someone like him. The main reason why she starts dating Lenny is her insecurity and need for love.

Fabrizia DeSalva

Fabrizia DeSalva is Lenny’s lover in Rome.

Nettie Fine

Nettie Fine is Lenny’s “American mother.” She helped his parents to move to the USA.


Joshie is the boss of Lenny. He is also a Jew and is in his sixties, but he manages to look younger than Lenny. He and Eunice have an affair behind Lenny’s back.


Ben is Eunice’s ex-boyfriend. She breaks up with him because she is sure that he is too good for her.


Grillbitch a.k.a Jenny Kang is the best friend of Eunice Park. A lot of information about Eunice is revealed through their correspondence.

Sam Park

Sam Park is Eunice’s father. He is infamous for his short temper.


Sally is Eunice’s younger sister.

Kelly Nardl, Howard Shu

Kelly Nardl, Howard Shu are Lenny’s colleagues.

Noah Weinberg and Vishnu

Noah Weinberg and Vishnu are friends of Lenny.

Chung Won Park

Chung Won Park is the mother of Eunice.

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