Sunstroke: Selected Stories of Ivan Bunin Metaphors and Similes

Sunstroke: Selected Stories of Ivan Bunin Metaphors and Similes

Physical side of love (Metaphor)

The author does not call it literally, but what it meant here is simply sex. And here the portrayal of the main heroine is very important, as she becomes an object of sexual desire. The writer emphasizes that the heroine was tanned body, because she had just had a rest in Anapa. This woman is like a baby: she has small stature, her "hand, small and strong, smelled of tan". The heroine is easy to communicate, "as fresh as in seventeen years." All of these descriptions do not convey the inner content of this woman. It is not so important, what is important is the feeling this woman provokes in the hero. She is the object of love, the object of an all-consuming passion. It is important to note that the carnal side of love is very important and significant for Bunin.

Painful love (Metaphor)

When the main hero realizes that he has fallen in love with this lovely stranger “he felt such pain and such a sense of how useless the rest of his life would be without her”. For a person like he, who has been accustomed to such affairs, it was very difficult to endure such strong feelings, he could not understand himself what was in this woman that has captured his mind and heart. Love does not always bring happiness and enjoyment, it is also a source of sorrow, torture and pain. And we see that on the example of the main character, who “was gripped by horror, despair” when realized that would not be able to see the object of his love ever again.

Flow of time (Simile)

The day after turned out to be filled with anguish and misery for the main character. He does not know what to do, how to survive this day without her. But when it came to the end “both yesterday and that entire day seemed like they were ten years ago”. time is not something people can rule. Sometimes years may seem like one day, and there are days that seem to be like years, and the author tries to remind that we are dependent upon it.

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