Sunstroke: Selected Stories of Ivan Bunin Irony

Sunstroke: Selected Stories of Ivan Bunin Irony

Unknown feeling

Form the context it is obvious that the main hero used to have such “adventures” with women. Being charming it was no difficult for him to capture a woman into his nets. But this time, with this woman, whose name he did not even know, it was completely different. He fell in love, suddenly, not realizing it at first himself. It is simply ironic that one woman among millions of others has managed to penetrate into his heart not even wanting to. The given situation reminds that love has no rules, no boundaries or limits, it can capture a person anywhere anytime and no affords could be made to resist it.

Looking for salvation

When the main hero realizes the state of his feelings he tries to escape from them. He wanders around the town trying to distract from his thoughts. He looks at photos displayed in a photo studio, walks around market, and he drinks vodka. Even glass after glass of this drink makes no difference. Vodka for Russians is proved to be very efficient in troubles forgetting, but not in this case.

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