Stuart Little Characters

Stuart Little Character List

Stuart Little

Stuart Little is the main character in the book and is portrayed as a brave little mouse who likes to go on adventures. Stuart is displayed as being quite mature and is also shown to have the mind of a normal human child. He was adopted by the Little family.

George Little

George Little is the eldest child in the family and the brother of Stuart Little. George is portrayed to be quite adventurous and enjoys many sports but he is also displayed as being quite scientific as he is able to describe what kind of bird Margalo is. He and Stuart follow the same morning routine regarding breakfast and school.

Eleanor Little

Eleanor Little is the wife of Frederick Little and the mother of George and Stuart Little. She is a very loving and caring mother and cares a lot about her children. She seems to be very overprotective of Stuart and is very adept at repairing house features.

Frederick Little

Frederick Little is the husband of Eleanor Little and the loving father of Stuart and George Little. He is portrayed as being hard-working and looks after his children well. Frederick always encourages his sons to look at the brighter side to every bad situation, especially Stuart and he is also very skilled at playing the piano.


Snowbell is the Little family's pet cat and is of a Persian breed. Snowbell is potrayed as being a very smart and cunning cat and although has his issues with Stuart at the start, he grows fond of Stuart and develop a friendship. Snowbell has the ability to talk but this is seemingly only noticed by Stuart. Snowbell is also shown to be very loved but inherently a coward.


Margalo is a free bird who develops a close friendship with Stuart. She is also potrayed as being Stuart's love interest. Margalo's mother died when she was very small and she was raised by a Falcon, who used her as his personal slave. Stuart helps to free her from Falcon.

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