Stuart Little Background

Stuart Little Background

Stuart Little is a children's book written by E.B. White that revolves around a talking mouse. The mouse is male and is named Stuart Little, by the Little family (a human family). He is their adopted son.

The book explores how Stuart fits into the family and how he overcomes social barriers in order to fully integrate himself into a human family. The book also revolves around the Little family's cat, Snowbell, whose friends intend to eat Margalo, the Little family's adopted bird. As a result of fearing death at the hands of Snowbells' cat friends, Margalo flees and Stuart goes to look for her as he and Margalo are friends.

The book was written by the author after the author had thought about a little boy who acted like a mouse - this is how the idea of Stuart Little was conceived. The author actually had a dream of stuart little on a train journey and then went on to publish the book.

The book is a renowned children's story and has been well-received by critics and fans. Indeed Lucien Agosta notes that the book has been 'generally well-received'. Malcolm Cowley of The New York Times noted that the book had 'amusing scenes'.

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