Station Eleven

Station Eleven Summary

On a snowy night in Toronto, movie star Arthur Leander has a heart attack onstage while playing the title character in Shakespeare's King Lear. Days later, a massive epidemic called the Georgia Flu wipes out most of the earth's population. Years in the future, a band of actors called The Symphony travels throughout the post-apocalyptic landscape to perform Shakespeare for settlements. One actress, Kirsten Raymonde, remembers her experiences with Arthur in the same production of King Lear and pieces together the story of his life before his death, from his rise to fame, three marriages, and correspondence with his lost friend Victoria. As the Symphony searches for their lost friends, they run afoul of a dangerous prophet who kidnaps members of their troupe in order to bargain for a stowaway. Ultimately, Kristen and the Symphony defeat the Prophet and discover how interconnected their lives are, finally making a home at a safe haven called "The Museum of Civilization."