Station Eleven

Station Eleven Character List

Arthur Leander

Arthur is a Canadian-born actor who ultimately finds success in Hollywood. He has been married, at various times, to three different women: Miranda, Elizabeth, and Lydia. He dies of a heart attack while performing the title role in King Lear.

Jeevan Chaudhary

Jeevan is a paparazzi-turned-paramedic who witnesses the death of Arthur Leander. He survives the epidemic by stockpiling food before hysteria breaks out.

Kirsten Raymonde

Kirsten is a child actress who first encountered Arthur during his final production of King Lear. She grows up after the epidemic and joins the Symphony, the band of traveling actors.

Miranda Carroll

Miranda is the first wife of Arthur and the creator of the graphic novel Dr. Eleven. She ultimately despises the Hollywood life and divorces Arthur, entering the corporate world and becoming a shipping magnate before dying abroad in Singapore during the pandemic.


The second wife of Arthur Leander. She is a Hollywood actress who breaks up the marriage of Miranda and Arthur. She and Arthur have a son, Tyler, and she and Arthur survive the pandemic.

Tyler Leander

The son of Arthur and Elizabeth. He grows up during the pandemic, becoming increasingly religious and believing that the pandemic spared the morally good.

Clark Thompson

Arthur's best friend from his days as a young Toronto actor, Clark becomes a corporate success in London as an adult. He ultimately becomes the curator at the Museum of Civilization.


Kristen's lover and one of the Symphony members kidnapped by the Prophet.


A member of the Symphony, kidnapped by the Prophet.


A member of the Symphony who travels with Kirsten.


Jeevan's brother, confined to a wheelchair.


A child wrangler for the production of King Lear, and Arthur's lover.