Spirit Bound Themes

Spirit Bound Themes


This is a key theme during Spirit Bound because it seems to question whether death is indeed the end. Dimitri’s restoration back to a Damphir highlights the fact that death can be defied. The scene where a bright light shines and then Dimitri is seen in Lissa’s arms, portrays and hints at Lissa being a God-like figure, with enough power too defy even death.

Good vs Evil

There is a struggle between these two ideologies and this is physically represented by the Strigoi and Moroi/Damphirs. However, the scene where Dmitri is restored back into a Strigoi is reflective of the fact that good will always prevail. He was able to save his soul, something that was thought to be lost to him forever. By blurring the lines between good and evil, Mead brings into question the idea that no one is inherently evil nor good.


There is a conflict Rose's attitude towards duty because she is now determined to kill Dimitri but also a part of her wants Lissa to save him, despite knowing that it could kill Lissa in the process. Her conflicted emotions are eventually overriden by her sense of loyalty towards Lissa and she listens to everything she has always been taught.


The idea of humanity is brought into question when Dimitri is restored. He has defied nature by returning back to his Damphir state. Mead makes it clear that when he was in his Strigoi state, he had no humanity left in him, as evident by the killing sprees he went on as a Strigoi.

Love vs Lust

Rose is confused about her feelings for both Dimitri and Adrian throughout this book. Despite enjoying Adrian’s company, she feels as though no one understands her better than Dimitri. The mixed feelings of love and lust towards both of them prevent her from being fully devoted to Adrian and pursuing the chance to fall in love with him.

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