Spellbound Themes

Spellbound Themes


Love is a theme of Spellbound. The love of Calin of Farrell and Bryna the Wise intertwines with the love of Bryna Torrence and Calin Farrell. Their love survives throughout the century and through thousand of miles of separation. Calin knows as soon as he sees Bryna that there is something special about her. When Bryna tells Calin the story of their ancestors, he is skeptical, but he can feel their connection and knows that the story and spell are real. Their love is strong and will survive the greatest odds.


Trust is a theme of Spellbound. Bryna must trust that Calin will remember their love and come to her side to fight against Alasdair. Calin must trust in himself and remember his past. He must also trust in his love for Bryna and her love for him. They have to work together to defeat Alasdair and to do that they need to know that they have each other’s back. This trust will help them overcome the strength of Alasdair’s powers and become a strong couple.

Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil is a theme of Spellbound. Calin and Bryna must fight Alasdair to save their lives and protect the globe that Bryna’s family has been protecting for decades. Calin and Bryna are lovers who have been caught up in a spell that was cast to thwart the evil Alasdair. They must hope that they can defeat him to stop his evil plans for Bryna and the world.


Normality is a theme of Spellbound. Calin blocks off a part of himself to seem normal. He is seen as mentally unsound when he talks of his vivid dreams and how they seem like reality. To make himself like everyone else, he blocks the dreams and his connection to Bryna. When he meets her, he wants to deny their connection because what she is telling him takes him away from his normalcy. He eventually breaks through what society considers normal to accept his destiny with Bryna.


Freedom is a theme of Spellbound. Bryna wants her freedom from the spell so that her days are not overshadowed by what will happen on the Solstice. She will either have her true love or she will be enslaved by the evil Alasdair. Bryna will do whatever she must to keep from the clutches of Alasdair. She will even kill herself to save herself. Freedom means more to her than her life.

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