Specials (The Uglies) Summary

Specials (The Uglies) Summary

Tally has become a Cutter, an elite member of the Specials. The Cutters managed to cut out the lesions in their head that made them Pretty and now live in the wild. They go undercover as Uglies to identify members of New Smoke. However, the Smokies fight against the Cutters and capture one of them, Fausto.

Tally then goes to visit Zane who is still in hospital. Due to too much damage in his brain, he no longer likes Tally. Tally and Shay then decide to travel to New Smoke after Zane. When Zane discovers they are following him he questions her but allows it. However, when the two kiss, Tally feels disgust and runs away.

They arrive to Diego, a place for runaways. She finds Fausto who has been cured of being a Special. They try to force her to take the cure but she manages to escape by jumping off a cliff. She is captured and held hostage by Diego’s authorities.

They plan to do surgery on her, but Shay helps Tally to escape. The other cured Cutters and Tally then learn of Dr. Cable’s impending attack on Diego. She then learns that Zane died of his injuries. She meets David again and he hands her the cure to inject in herself if she wishes to.

When Tally arrives back to the Special Circumstances division she notices that they have taken control. Tally manages to use the cure injection and stab it into Dr. Cable. The cure then spreads and people begin to change back to normal again. However, Tally still remains a Special and as such she is taken captive to be cured. However, she escapes to David and decided to live in the wild as the only Special remaining. She then forms her own New Special Circumstances division aimed at protecting nature from humanity.

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