Specials (The Uglies) Background

Specials (The Uglies) Background

Specials is the last part of the Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. The novel's target audience is young adults and it is filled with action and adventure of the young teenage girl called Tally. This novel represents Tally's final transformation and discovery of herself as well as the fight against the system that makes people controlled and clueless.

In this last part Tally finds herself once again side by side with her friend Shay. They've become a part of a Special Circumstance group called Cutters, a new project group by Dr. Cable. This group is designed to track down the New Smoke which proves to have a surprising location.

Just like previous novels, this one is interestingly filled with phrases and words that go along with the group of people who are being explored, aka Specials. Specials are those who go through a surgery that makes them impossible to defeat in battle, cold and calculated.

This novel represents a climactic conclusion of the trilogy and just like its predecessors it explores themes such as humanity and the destruction of nature, man-made utopia etc. It was published in 2006.

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