Silent Spring Characters

Silent Spring Character List

Rachel Carson

Carson is the writer of the book Silent Spring, a marine biologist and conservationist who lived in the US between 1907 and 1964. Carson began working as a marine biologist in the 1950s and then later she turned her attention to the use of pesticide and the way they affect the environment. Silent Spring is her most well-known book and it was published in 1962, after extensive research. She began researching the use of DDT in the 1940s when the government sprayed the substance over various areas in the country to try to control the appearance of insects considered as being dangerous. Starting from that point, Carson analyzed the negative effects using DDT has over the environment and the population and pushed for restricting the use of the pesticide. Her efforts paid off in the end and DDT and other pesticides were in the end banned by the government.

Robert Frost

Robert Frost is a writer mentioned in the book by Carson. Robert Frost was an American poet who died in 1963 and who is known for his realistic rural poetry. The poetry mentioned by Carson is ‘’The Road not Taken’’ and the poem is among Robert’s most famous piece of poetry.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was an English naturalist known for his theory of evolution. He is mentioned by Carson in her book for his theory of natural selection.

Dr. Malcolm Hargraves

Dr. Malcolm Hargraves is a doctor mentioned in the book by Carson. Dr. Malcolm Hargraves was a doctor at the Mayo Clinic who linked the use of pesticide and exposure to them with various blood diseases.

Robert Cushman Murphy

Robert Cushman Murphy was an American Ornithologist who retired in Old Field, New York. After he retired, he tried to stop the straying of DDT in 1957 over Long Island but was unsuccessful.

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