Silent Spring Background

Silent Spring Background

Silent Spring was written by Rachel Carson, an author and a marine biologist who worked for the US Fish and WIldlife Service. The environmental science work was published in 1962, spurring the environmental conservation movement and helped the banning of DDT, calling attention to the widespread and excessive use of pesticides and chemicals that wrought havoc on the environment. This book raised awareness of how much damage humans and their technological advancements were causing in the natural world.

When Carson worked for the FWS, she wrote and published many brochures to educate the people, and this practice helped her eloquently and powerfully write on her subject in Silent Spring.

Silent Spring was highly criticized by people who relied on chemical use, such as chemical companies, but almost everyone else in the nation started to call for a change in pesticide policies, DDT was banned in agriculture, and the EPA was created after people understood the book’s points.

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