Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald Glossary


Musical term meaning an unexpected or unusual chord strike.

Constance Talmadge

a famous star of silent movies.


lively or friendly.


a Greek king known for his immense wealth.

Dangerous Dan McGrew

The ill-fated hero of a 1907 narrative poem.


a feeling of boredom.

faux pas

French term meaning a social mistake.

fille de joie

French term meaning 'girl of fun' - usually used as a euphemism for prostitute.

Gilded Age

term taken from a text by Mark Twain and C. D. Warner referring to post Civil war success and prosperity.


with pretension and authority.


the Greek god of the underworld.

Khubla Khan

A poem written in 1797 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, inspired by an opium dream.

Lady Diana Manners

Also known as Viscountess Norwich, Lady Diana Manners was a popular English actress, aristocrat and socialite in the late 1900's.

O D coat

abbreviation for olive drab coat - the field coat issued to soldiers in the First World War.


nourishment from trivia and popular culture.


an open, horse-drawn carriage.


a letter sent by pneumatic dispatch, or air tubes.


Fifteenth century word for beauty.


The sleeping-car of a train.


Individual devoted to pleasure and enjoyment

The Revolt of the Angels

A novel written in 1914 by Anatole France. The storyline depicts a rebellion of angels against God, and as a result the book was condemned by the Roman Catholic church.