Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald Character List

G. Reece Stoddard ("Bernice Bobs her Hair")

A desirable and distinguished Harvard law graduate, keen to see Bernice cut her hair.

Marjorie Harvey ("Bernice Bobs her Hair")

Bernice's cousin. Cruel and beautiful, she provokes Bernice in to cutting her hair and ends up paying with her own flaxen plaits.

Bernice ("Bernice Bobs Her Hair")

A naive and dull girl, Bernice tries to fit in with the lively society of her cousin, Marjorie, and follows her tutorage in achieving popularity. Bernice finally realizes that Marjorie's actions are born of malice rather than support, and she leaves her cousin's home after cutting off Marjorie's hair in revenge.

Mrs Deyo ("Bernice Bobs Her Hair")

It is her party Bernice and Marjorie are due to attend after Bernice has her hair cut. Bobbed hair is her 'pet abomination'.

Colonel Moreland ("The Offshore Pirate")

Friend of Ardita's uncle. Ardita refuses to meet him and his son, preferring to prepare to meet her philandering lover.

Toby Moreland ("The Offshore Pirate")

Toby Moreland wishes to be introduced to Ardita and has traveled a great way to do so. She refuses, and he sets up the elaborate plan to become Curtis Carlyle.

Curtis Carlyle ("The Offshore Pirate")

Curtis Carlyle is the creation of Toby Moreland. Toby pretends to be the jazz musician in order to gain Ardita's approval. Desperate for the better things in life, Carlyle and his band apparently commit an armed hold-up and take over Ardita's uncle's yacht, with her aboard. Carlyle is revealed to be Toby Moreland at the end of the story.

Mr. Farnham ("The Offshore Pirate")

Ardita's long suffering uncle; he works with the Morelands to hatch the dramatic plan for Toby Moreland to win his niece's affections.

Babe Divine ("The Offshore Pirate")

Babe is one of Curtis Carlyle's band members and crew. Babe allegedly stabbed his boss to death with a stiletto knife.

Trombone Mose ("The Offshore Pirate")

Member of Curtis Carlyle's band and fugitive crew, Mose paints over the yacht's original name, Narcissus, and replaces it with Hula Hula.

Orrison Brown ("The Lost Decade")

Orrison is one of the editors at the news weekly. He is asked to take Mr. Trimble out to lunch.

Mr. Trimble ("The Lost Decade")

Mr. Trimble has been "out of civilization" for ten years, and is keen to observe the minute and intricate details of life. It is revealed that he spent the decade "every-which-way drunk."

Sally Carrol Harper ("The Ice Palace")

Southern beauty Sally Carrol becomes engaged to Harry Bellamy, a Northerner. She realizes on her visit to the North that it is a cold, threatening place and she returns to the warmth and languor of the South.

Clark Darrow ("The Ice Palace")

Clark is a well-off and popular Southern boy who has grown up in Tarleton with Sally Carrol. He is perplexed by her plan to marry a Northern man.

Harry Bellamy ("The Ice Palace")

Harry is Sally' Carrol's Northern fiancée. He is baffled by her dislike of the Northern climate and loses her affections after criticizing Southern men.

Margery Lee ("The Ice Palace")

The young woman whose gravestone Sally Carrol romanticizes over, imagining her to have been a beautiful woman. Sally Carrol is apparently visited by Margery Lee's ghost when she is lost in the ice palace.

Roger Patton ("The Ice Palace")

Roger Patton is the only person in the North with whom Sally Carrol feels comfortable. He is a literature professor, originally from Philadelphia. Having jokingly been christened "Dangerous Dan McGrew" by Sally Carrol, it is fitting that he rescues her from the terror of the ice palace.

Mrs. Bellamy ("The Ice Palace")

Mrs. Bellamy is Harry Bellamy's mother. Sally Carrol feels she does not like guests. Mrs Bellamy is described as an "egg," who disapproves of Sally Carrol's bobbed hair and smoking habits.

Jim Powell ("The Jelly-bean")

Jim Powell is the protagonist of the story. Having been humiliated as a child for being a grocery boy, Jim steps out of polite society and becomes a gambler and a loafer. He falls in love with Nancy Lamar and resolves to become a gentleman. However, he gives up the idea when he finds out she has married another man.

Clark Darrow ("The Jelly-bean")

Clark Darrow is Jim Powell's childhood friend. He has had more success in life, and he asks his old friend to join him at a dance. It is here that Jim meets Nancy Lamar.

Nancy Lamar ("The Jelly-bean")

Nancy Lamar is a beautiful bad girl who Jim Powell meets at a dance. She asks for his help to remove gum from her shoe, and then he saves her from a gambling debt. Nancy proclaims that she loves Jim, but marries another beau.

John T. Unger ("The Diamond as Big as the Ritz")

Unger is a young man from the Southern town of Hades. He goes to visit Percy Washington and his family at their remote chateau with a diamond mountain. He falls in love with Percy's sister Kismine, and survives the explosion and destruction of the Washington household.

Percy Washington ("The Diamond as Big as the Ritz")

Percy is the heir to the Washington fortune. He invites his school friend, John T. Unger, to spend the summer with his family at their exclusive home: so exclusive it has never even been mapped. The Washington fortune was gained through diamond mining, and their land houses the giant diamond "as big as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel."

Kismine Washington ("The Diamond as Big as the Ritz")

Kismine is Percy Washington's sister. John T. Unger describes her as "the incarnation of physical perfection." She is also spoiled and very naive. When Unger realizes he is to be killed, she agrees to elope with him.

Jasmine Washington ("The Diamond as Big as the Ritz")

Jasmine is Kismine and Percy's sister. She is rescued along with Kismine by Unger as the mountain implodes. She finds the idea of being penniless to be romantic.

Braddock Washington ("The Diamond as Big as the Ritz")

Braddock Washington is Percy, Jasmine and Kismine's father. He fiercely defends his wealth and privacy, imprisoning those who end up on their property. When the location is compromised by aircraft, Braddock offers a bribe to God. His bribe is not accepted and he dies inside the mountain with his wife, son and two servants.

Anston Hunter ("The Rich Boy")

Hunter is the protagonist in the story. Arrogant and egotistical, he falls in love with Paula Legendre but cannot allow himself to give in to his feelings. He has 'two alternating personalities' - a strong, attractive side and a wild, reckless side. When Paula marries, Hunter has an affair with Dolly Karger, and takes up with another girl whilst mourning Paula's death

Paula Legendre ("The Rich Boy")

Paula is a "conservative and rather proper girl" with whom Anston Hunter falls in love. She loves him, but eventually marries another man. Before she dies in childbirth, tells Anston that she never really loved him.

Dolly Karger ("The Rich Boy")

Dolly is a "slackly and indiscreetly wild" girl who Anston Hunter spends time with after Paula Legendre. They both play games with each other and eventually Hunter tells her that he does not love her.

Cary Sloane ("The Rich Boy")

A young man having an affair with Anston Hunter's aunt. When Anston threatens to expose the relationship, Sloane kills himself.

Jacob Booth ("Jacob's Ladder")

Booth is the protagonist of the story. He rescues Jenny Delehanty from the trial of her sister, and introduces her to a movie producer. His love for Jenny grows as hers for him fades, and he ends up alone in the crowd, watching her on screen as he did at the trial.

Jenny Delehanty/Prince ("Jacob's Ladder")

Jenny is a beautiful girl of sixteen when Jacob Booth gives her the opportunity to make something of her life. She is signed up for three movies after his introduction, and she becomes a big star. Jenny is always grateful for Booth's friendship, but only realizes what love is when she falls for another man whilst on location.

Mrs. Choyinski ("Jacob's Ladder")

Jenny Delehany's estranged sister. Mrs. Choyinski is on trial for murder at the beginning of the story. Jenny is later threatened with blackmail to keep this knowledge secret.

Billy Farelly ("Jacob's Ladder")

Farelly is the movie director who Jacob Booth introduces Jenny Prince to. Booth also warns Farelly away from seducing Jenny.

Dexter Green ("Winter Dreams")

Green is the protagonist of the story. He meets Jane Jones when he is fourteen and is captivated by her throughout his life, even when engaged to another girl. He is devastated when he finds that Judy's beauty has faded.

Judy Jones/Judy Simms ("Winter Dreams")

First seen as a spoiled brat of eleven, Judy Jones is the love of Dexter Green's life. Despite her beauty, Judy seems never to attain happiness. Her beauty fades along with Dexter Green's winter dreams.

Irene Scheerer ("Winter Dreams")

Dexter Green becomes engaged to Irene when he is twenty-five. He is still in love with Judy Jones and he loses Irene and the friendship of her family when he begins seeing Judy again.

Gordon Sterrett ("May Day")

Sterrett is a returned soldier who is in financial difficulty after losing his job and being pressured for money by Jewel Hudson. He is turned down for a loan by a friend, and is rejected by Edith, his former girlfriend. After marrying Jewel, he shoots himself.

Philip Dean ("May Day")

Dean is a college friend of Gordon Sterrett. Dean turns Sterrett down for a loan but takes him to a party where Gordon's old flame, Edith, sees them. Edith's escort, Peter Himmel, gets drunk with Dean and they steal cloakroom signs before going on a drinking spree.

Edith Bradin ("May Day")

Edith is a former girlfriend of Gordon Sterrett. She romanticizes about meeting Gordon again but is shocked and revolted when she sees him in person. Edith leaves the party to visit her brother in his newspaper office. She witnesses the riot and death there.

Carrol Key ("May Day")

A demobilized soldier and friend of Gus Rose. Key and Rose join a mob of angry soldiers, but get bored and go to find Key's brother, who is a waiter. Key's brother installs them in the store room in Delmonico's, and they drink with Peter Himmel. Key and Rose rejoin the march and storm the newspaper building. Key falls to his death.

Gus Rose ("May Day")

A demobilized soldier and friend of Carrol Key. Rose drinks and joins the attack on the newspaper with Key. He mourns the death of his friend in Child’s cafe, and is picked out later as being responsible for breaking Henry Bradin's leg.

Peter Himmel ("May Day")

The escort of Edith Bradin; Himmel gets drunk when Edith rejects him, and ends up throwing food around the Child's cafe. He goes on a drinking spree with Philip Dean.

George Key ("May Day")

George is a waiter at Delmonico's; brother of Carrol Key.

Jewel Hudson ("May Day")

Jewel is the girlfriend of George Sterrett. He accuses her of blackmailing him, but she is more interested in Sterrett himself than his money.

Benjamin Button ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button")

Benjamin is the protagonist of the story. Born as an old man, Benjamin ages backwards. All the normal stages of his life are thwarted by his unusual appearance.

Roger Button ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button")

Roger is Benjamin's father. A hardware magnate, Roger Button is embarrassed and frustrated by his unusual son.

Hildegarde Moncrief ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button")

Hildegarde falls in love with Benjamin Button, when he appears to be fifty. They marry but she fails to see that Benjamin's increasing youth is not a choice he has made.

Roscoe Button ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button")

Roscoe is Benjamin's son. He is embarrassed by his father, having to collect him from Camp Mosby where he is rejected as a general. He takes his father and his son to start kindergarten on the same day.

Dr. Keene ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button")

The doctor who delivers Benjamin Button in to the world, Dr. Keene is shocked and appalled at the birth of Benjamin, refusing to have anything to do with the family.

Joel Coles ("Crazy Sunday")

Coles is a continuity writer who becomes embroiled in the lives of Miles Calman, a film director, and his wife, Stella. Coles becomes part of their social circle and their jealous games. He is expected to comfort Stella after Miles' death.

Miles Calman ("Crazy Sunday")

Calman is a famous movie director. He is undergoing psychotherapy after an affair with his wife's friend, Eva Goebel. He is killed in a plane crash when returning from a ball game.

Stella Calman ("Crazy Sunday")

Stella is the wife of Miles Calman. She invites Coles to a supper party after he has embarrassed himself at an earlier function. Coles falls in love with her, nevertheless remaining aware that he is part of a game between the Calmans. Stella asks Coles to stay after she hears of the death of her husband.

Charlie Wales ("Babylon Revisited")

Charlie is the protagonist of the story. Charlie Wales returns to Paris to retrieve his daughter, Honoria. He gave up custody after his wife died and his alcoholic state meant he was not capable of caring for his daughter. Returning as a successful businessman, Wales hopes to persuade his sister-in-law to let him take his daughter.

Honoria Wales ("Babylon Revisited')

Honoria is the daughter of Charlie and Helen Wales. She lives with her aunt, uncle and cousins in Paris. She is pleased to see the return of her father and is eager to be with him.

Helen Wales ("Babylon Revisited")

Helen was the wife of Charlie Wales. She died of heart trouble, possibly brought on by being locked out in the snow after a drunken argument with her husband. Marion, her sister, blames Charlie Wales for her death.

Marion Peters ("Babylon Revisited")

Marion is Charlie Wales' sister-in-law and guardian of his daughter, Honoria. She is hostile towards him as she holds him responsible for the corruption and death of her sister, Helen.

Lincoln Peters ("Babylon Revisited")

Lincoln is the husband of Marion Peters. He is a little more forgiving of Charlie Wales although envious of his financial security and success.

Duncan Schaeffer ("Babylon Revisited")

Schaeffer is a former friend of Charlie Wales from his early drinking days in Paris. Wales leaves the Peters' address with the barman at the Ritz so Schaeffer can contact him. He and Lorraine Quarrles embarrass Wales by turning up drunk to the Peters' place, and as a result Wales does not get custody of his daughter.

Lorraine Quarrles ("Babylon Revisited")

Lorraine is another former friend of Charles Wales in his drinking days. Lorraine writes to Wales reminding him of times past and their escapade stealing and riding a butcher's tricycle. She turns up with Schaeffer at the Peters' place looking for Wales.

Otis Ormonde ("Bernice Bobs Her Hair")

Ormonde is a little, young and placid boy who dances with Bernice.

Draycott Deyo ("Bernice Bobs Her Hair")

Deyo is a young man studying for the ministry who is shocked when Bernice discusses feminine bathing.

Ardita ("The Offshore Pirate")

Spirited and spoiled Ardita is duped by her uncle and his friends to be seduced by Curtis Carlyle, a seeming fugitive. She is daring, rude and yet easily romanced.

Myra Bellamy ("The Ice Palace")

Myra is Harry Bellamy's sister. Sally Carrol takes a dislike to her, and all the northern women, describing Myra as 'the essence of spiritless conventionality."