Shirley Characters

Shirley Character List

Robert Moore

Robert Moore is a representative of a merchant family which once prospered and was very successful in trading. Now the family's affairs are not so good; they are in a rather bad condition because of the war, so Robert tries to do his best to get former recognition. He manages to do this but after the war ends. As a person he is very restrained and unbending in his decisions. He is well-educated, with noble manners and a kind heart which he hides under the mask of sternness


Hortense is Robert’s elder sister. She is not married so stays with her brother. All the household affairs are of her care, so the Moore’s house is always warm and clean as she is very good at this. She also teaches French and their distant relative Caroline Helstone comes to get lessons on French. Hortense considers herself the best in everything, she is rather narrow-minded and sometimes does not agree in some things with Caroline, but she loves the girl kindly.

Caroline Helstone

Caroline Helstone is a seventeen-year-old girl, beautiful and kind. She is a niece of a local priest who has brought her up since her mother left them and her father died. She is secretly in love with Robert.

Mr. Helstone

Mr. Helstone is a local priest.

Mr. York

Mr. York is a local landowner. He always helps Moore in his affairs, and very often also faces with Mr. Helstone, whom he deeply despises as the priest had married a woman mr. York really loved.

Shirley Keeldar

Shirley Keeldar is a young independent brave girl with a man's character. She is very wealthy. Caroline and Shirley became friends despite their completely opposite characters. Shirley helps Moore with the factory. She secretly is in love with Robert’s brother.

Mrs. Pryor

Mrs. Pryor is Shirley’s governess. Later it turns up that she is Caroline’s mother and since her pupil has already grown up Mrs. Pryor decides to stay with her poor daughter.

Louis Moore

Louis Moore is a former Shirley’s teacher. He is a brother of Robert. They are very similar in appearance, but Louis is more sophisticated. He loves Shirley.

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