Shamela Characters

Shamela Character List

Shamela Andrews

Shamela is the major character in the book, and she is presented as a lascivious young girl, ambitious and cunning who plots to trap Squire Bobby into marring her. She pretends to be virtuous thinking that in that way she will attract Squire Bobby and he eventually falls in her trap. She is helped by Mrs. Jervis and while she tries to manipulate Squire Bobby she also has an affair with Reverend Williams.

Henrietta Maria Honora Andrews

She is Shamela’s mother with whom Shamela corresponds through letters. In Pamela, the mother figure is trying to advise her daughter not to fall into her employer’s trap but here, Henrietta tells Shamela what to do in order to make Squire Bobby want her. She too has a questionable character and we find from the beginning that it is uncertain whether she is married or not.

Mrs Lucretia Jervis

She is also employed by Squire Bobby and she and Pamela become close friends. She convinces Squire Bobby that she tries to help him win Shamela while instead she helps Shamela seduce him.

Reverend Williams

Reverend Williams appears both in Pamela and Shamela but has a completely different personality. In Pamela, Reverend Williams truly loves Pamela and wants to marry her and have an honest relationship while in Shamela he is like Shamela, cunning and manipulative.

Squire Bobby

Squire Bobby is a wealthy young man who tries to seduce Shamela. He is quite naïve and doesn’t realize that while he believes that he is the one in control, he is manipulated both by Shamela and by Mrs. Jervis.

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