Seedfolks Irony

Gonzalo grows older while his father and uncle grow younger (Situational irony)

One would normally expect those who are older to play the role of parents, while those who are younger to fulfill their roles as children. Moreover, one expects that everyone grows older, regardless of age. However, the narrator Gonzalo uses situational irony to show how immigration subverts what is normal and expected, by turning him into the caretaker for his father and uncle.

Royce ends up being the garden’s caretaker (Situational irony)

At first, most of the Gibb Street residents are afraid of Royce, since he is young, strong, Black, and he is living on the street. However, they soon discover that he is a very nice person who is good with his hands. In this example of situational irony, Royce ends up becoming the most prominent caretaker in the garden, since everyone hires him to help look after their plots.