Seedfolks Imagery


Rain is a symbol of nature as a great equalizer in Seedfolks. At first, some gardeners like Nora and Mr. Myles keep to themselves. However, one day they are caught in a rainstorm. All of the gardeners, regardless of language barriers and differences of race, national origin, and age, take refuge under an awning. There Nora, Mr. Myles, and other gardeners get to know each other better and begin to feel like they are part of the community. The rain, just like the garden and the gardeners’ connection with nature more broadly, shows the Gibb Street residents that what unites them is far more powerful than what divides them.


Fleischman uses detailed description and vivid imagery to depict the cultural diversity that makes the garden and the neighborhood vibrant and unique. One particularly telling scene is the harvest party that the gardeners share. The Mexican family that started the party brings a pig to roast. Amir from India shares his prized eggplants. Others share watermelon and other fruits and vegetables they have grown in the garden. The harvest party is a feast of diverse colors and tastes from different cultures that have been brought together by the community garden.

Run-down neighborhood

Fleischman uses precise imagery to create a picture of Gibb Street as a run-down, desolate neighborhood. He describes heaps of smelly trash, unemployed people drinking on the street, and robberies. These descriptions of the neighborhood set the stage for the entrance of a starkly different project: the community garden.