San Manuel Bueno, Martyr

San Manuel Bueno, Martyr Glossary


One who is made to suffer for their religious beliefs. It can also be used to refer to one who is killed for their beliefs, often by the state or government.


A district under the authority of a Catholic bishop. The primary setting of San Manuel Bueno, Martyr, Valverde de Lucerna, is a village in the diocese of Renada.


A declaration by a Catholic official that a dead person has been accepted into Heaven. San Manuel Bueno, Martyr begins with the bishop of Renada beginning the beatification process for the late Don Manuel.


The art and practice of teaching. Angela studied this in the city before losing interest and returning to Valverde de Lucerna.


A summary of the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church, often delivered as a book or set of oral teachings.

Our Lady of Sorrows

A name used to refer to the Virgin Mary, the canonical mother of Jesus Christ. Often depicted with seven swords piercing her heart, representing seven biblical sorrows she endured.


One who is hired to transcribe into text what has been said by someone else.


A Catholic religious order of monks and nuns founded in 1098, known for their emphasis on hard work and detachment from material things.


The building in which a community of monks or nuns are known to reside.


A reclusive religious person, akin to a hermit. One who withdraws from society to live a prayer-based life.


Relating to nonreligious beliefs or ideologies; the opposite of religious.


A countryman (sometimes used as an insult, implying a backwards and uneducated person).


A person who is new to a religious belief. After Lazaro begins following Don Manuel, he is referred to as a neophyte.


A prayer consisting of alternating calls and responses between the leader and the congregation.


An association consisting of several different groups or organizations.

In vitam eternam

A Latin phrase meaning “eternal life.”